ILC Takes On Cheyenne Frontier Days

Written by: Megan Marion

IMG_0842What a wonderful day at Cheyenne! The weather was perfect and so was the rodeo. Before the rodeo started, attendees were able to walk around in the old frontier town, look around in shops, as well as explore the Indian Village. Everyone was very excited once the rodeo kicked off, especially those who were first experiencing a rodeo. They were celebrating Military Monday in Cheyenne and they kicked off the rodeo with an amazing tribute to our military. They started off with steer wresting, bareback riding, bull riding, saddle bronc riding, team roping, barrel racing and the very eventful wild horse race to finish off the event!


Once we left Cheyenne, we headed to the Anheuser-Busch Factory in Fort Collins and enjoyed a tour, a delicious dinner, and of course beer! The factory in Fort Collins opened in 1988 and produces many types of the Anheuser-Busch products. After a very eventful day, the attendees headed to Colorado Springs to get a good night’s sleep before the technical session in the morning!


Full day for ILC Attendees

Written by: Megan Marion

IMG_0784The International Limousin Conference Attendees woke up bright and early to eat breakfast and jump on the buses to head to Ochsner Limousin. The Ochsner family welcomed everyone and discussed a little about their cattle history and how they got started in the Limousin breed. On their ranch, they have around 125 cows, and approximately 60 percent of their herd is Lim-Flex. After their welcome, the attendees had the opportunity to see three different sectors of IMG_0788their operation. They showed us their show cattle sector, cow-calf and bull sector, as well as their Tenderlean Beef portion of their operation. We then jumped back on the bus and arrived at Five Rivers.

The Five Rivers staff shuffled everyone inside for a short presentation about their operation before heading out to look at the cattle. Five Rivers is the largest cattle feeder in the world. The feedlot we visited in Kersey, Colorado has a capacity of 98,000 head. We’d like to thank the Five Rivers staff for an amazing and educational tour of their operation.img_0791.jpg

img_0806.jpgFollowing the tour of Five Rivers, we headed to 70 Ranch for a delicious lunch provided by CSU. They then gave a presentation their Subsurface Irrigation Efficiency Project, discussing new technology, water efficiency, and conservation. After a quick tour, the attendees headed to Greeley Hat Works.

The attendees were impressed with Greeley Hat Works as soon as they walked into the building. The employees discussed their history as well as their process on how they custom make each hat to fit a certain individual. After a quick tour, the attendees had the privilege to listen to a live band, Terra Bella from Nashville, while they enjoyed some drinks and chatted with each other. Greeley Hat Works also made a generous offer that every hat they sold during our tour they would donate 20% to the North American Limousin Junior Association! Then they jumped on the bus to head to the final stop of the day, Platte River Fort.

The Platte River Fort was a beautiful destination to end the day. While waiting for dinner to be served, everyone enjoyed their drinks, listened to music, as well as played some fun yard games. Dinner wasn’t served like any normal dinner. Colorado State University served us six different types of steak to taste and would ask us questions to see which ones were the most flavorful, tender, and was the favorite. Everyone enjoyed discussing their likes and dislikes for their steaks, as well as the wonderful dinner they provided.

After a long day, everyone headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep before heading to Cheyenne tomorrow for the Cheyenne Frontier Days!


ILC Visits Magness Land and Cattle

fullsizeoutput_202aAfter visiting Estes Park this morning, the ILC attendees had the opportunity to tour Magness Land and Cattle in Platteville, Colorado. Right off of the tour bus, the attendees were welcomed with snacks and drinks for a short social period where they had the opportunity to enjoy their drinks and talk with Magness employees.IMG_0757

Magness runs about 120 Lim-Flex and commercial cows on the one location we toured. They market approximately 300 commercial bulls as well as their purebred sales each year. Following the tour of their operation, everyone gathered at the show barn for extra questions and discussion. We would like to thank the Magness crew for giving an excellent tour of their operation.


2018 Western Regional Exposition

Written By: Hannah Ziegler, Director


As a local restaurant in my Ohio hometown would say, “We treat strangers like friends, and friends like family.”

As each board member arrived to the Portland Oregon International Airport each of us discovered just how much of the territory was foreign.  However, after meeting with each other at baggage claim number four we felt right at home.  Our first stop on our Great Oregon Adventure took place in Silverton, Oregon where we then toured Silver Falls State Park, strolled the very eccentric tourist town, and viewed the various fruit agriculture the town had to offer.  The next day of adventuring began with breakfast at a local farm to table restaurant before heading down to Klamath Falls, Oregon, the host location for the weekends show.  Following the check-in of 45 head of cattle between the junior and open shows, meeting up with some junior board candidates, and visiting with the rest of the membership, we headed to the Stilwell Ranch about 20 minutes from the grounds.  The Stilwell’s prepared a delicious meal for the show attendees and exhibitors, and President Ethan Freund auctioned off various items to benefit the Western Limousin Exposition.  Our third day of our grand adventure occurred in the wee morning hours on the grounds, the junior members took part in various activities including: the exploding watermelon challenge, a team relay race, and the legendary water balloon fight. IMG_7505

Then came our junior show, our judge was Mr. Wade Beckman of Idaho he sorted junior bulls, cow-calf pairs, and multiple females.  Our show concluded late in the afternoon, but the fun had not ended yet.  Each year the Western Limousin Association holds an auction to benefit the continuation of the show.  The items offered included: many gift baskets, various pieces of jewelry, decorative items, and breeding packages on different bulls.  The final day of our adventure began with the open Limousin show, judged by Mr. Clint Sexton of Utah.  Following the conclusion of the show, the team traveled to Crater Lake, just 75 miles north of Klamath Falls, not only did we get to experience the beauty of the lake but we also got to observe the history of it.

IMG_7499 The conclusion of our journey was bittersweet as we traveled back to Portland, Oregon to depart back to our home states. As board members, we do an abundance of traveling but I think we all can agree there is not another experience quite as rich in variety as traveling to the Western Regional Exposition.  You really do come in as strangers and leave as friends when making the trip to Klamath Falls to visit the Western Limousin Family!

Junior Board Spotlight

Hannah-Ziegler-webHannah Zieglar

  • NALJA Junior Board Director
  • Hannah is from Bloomville, Ohio
  • She just graduated from Upper Sandusky High School and plans to attend college to major in animal science and agriculture communications.
  • Hannah wanted to serve on the junior board, so she could leave an impact and make new connections.
  • She passes time on the drive to Jr. Nationals by jamming to Garth, Eminem, and Khalid with her dad.
  • One way Hannah would change the world is to make refills free.

Junior Board Spotlight

Lindsey-Gulotta-webLindsey Gulottla

  • NALJA Junior Board Director
  • Lindsey is from Independence, Louisiana.
  • She just finished her freshman year at Louisiana State University majoring in animal science.
  • Lindsey’s favorite T.V. series is Dr. Pol.
  • She always goes to Wendy’s when she is at a cattle show.
  • Lindsey’s favorite NJLSC memory was running for the board.

Unconventional Show Box Item

I’m sure you are starting to get things ready for junior nationals, as well as making sure everything is in your show box. We always make sure that there are the necessities, but what is something that you always keep in your show box that may be unconventional? We asked the Junior Board what an unconventional item that they must put in their show box before leaving for a show…

Ethan must always have hot sauce.

Callie always keeps 70% alcohol in her show box.

Randa always has a snack bag.

Dominic keep playing cards in his show box.

Aaron never forgets to put deodorant in his show box.

Katie always keeps makeup wipes.

Hannah has a laptop to work on homework or to watch Netflix.

Brooke keeps a roll of wire to put up panels and such.

What is an unconventional item that you always keep in your show box?

Scholarship Winner Spotlight

Randa HeadshotOur final scholarship spotlight is Randa Taylor. Randa received the Limi Booster, and the Ron and Carlyn Holland scholarship at the 2017 Junior Nationals. Her involvement within the Limousin breed has led her to attend Texas A&M University majoring in Animal Science, with a business minor. After graduating with her animal science degree, she plans on going to nursing school to become a pediatric nurse and have her own Limousin Operation.

Her involvement in the Limousin Breed throughout the years has helped her become more outgoing and meet a multitude of people around the world. Randa is involved in numerous activities at Texas A&M such as, Saddle & Sirloin, Texas Aggie Cattlewoman, Freshmen Leadership Experience, Houston Livestock Show Intern, and a College of Agriculture and Life Science Recruiter. Attending Aggie athletic games, Midnight Yell, and meeting some of the best people are just some of her favorite college experiences. Her advice to incoming freshmen is to “Learn how to manage your time!”

The water fights at the end of each week in the stalls is one of Randa’s favorite Limousin experiences. Out of the thirteen junior nationals Randa has attended, the 2011 Junior Nationals that was held in Amarillo was her favorite because it was the last one with her Nana. Her advice to juniors is to “Get involved in everything and step out of your comfort zone!” She loves passing those long drives to Junior Nationals by singing loud in the car to many songs. A fun fact about Randa is that she loves every Justin Bieber song and could eat Taco Bell for every meal!

Congratulations on your scholarships, Randa!

Junior Board Spotlight

Katie-Hurt-webKatie Hurt

  • NALJA Junior Board Director
  • Katie is from Lexington, Kentucky
  • She is currently attending Oklahoma State University, where she studies maketing and merchandising.
  • If Katie could have any super power it would be to have the ability to know everything.
  • Her favorite T.V. series is Game of Thrones.
  • Katie decided to serve on the junior board for the kids.

Junior Board Spotlight

Aaron-Linhart-webAaron Linhart

  • NALJA Junior Board Director
  • Aaron is from Leon, Iowa.
  • He wanted to serve on the board, so he could better himself, as well as the breed.
  • Aaron’s favorite T.V. series is The Office.
  • If Aaron could have anyone play him in a movie it would be Ethan Freund.
  • His favorite part of showing is bonding with an animal.