A Look Back at Limousin

The 1980’s…

1980 Queen, Lori Leonard
  • 1980
    • First Junior Limousin Show held at National Western Stock Show
    • Lori Leonard crowned Limousin Queen
    • Indiana forms Junior Limousin Association
    • First Limousin Open Show held at NAILE
    • Louisiana forms State Limousin Association
  • 1981
    • First time the National Limousin Sale was held “On the Hill” at National Western Stock Show
    • First Open Limousin Show held at National Western Stock Show
    • Cheryl Linthicum crowned Limousin Queen
    • Oregon forms State Limousin Association
  • 1982
    • Alabama forms State Limousin Association
    • Don Faidley elected NALF President
    • Dee Jones selected as Limousin Queen
    • Southwest Limousin Association formed covering southern California, New Mexico and Arizona
    • Western Limousin Association renamed to California Limousin Association
  • 1983
    • Steve Yackley wins first NWSS Limousin Herdsman Award
    • Herman Symens elected NALF President
    • Cindy Bollum crowned Limousin Queen
  • 1984
    • Crystal Clark crowned Limousin Queen
    • Jim Davidson elected NALF President
    • First Eastern Regional Limousin Show held in Tennessee
    • First Embryo Auction, later to be named Genetics on Ice, held in Kansas City, Missouri

Gary Fuchs (right), current NALF President, with his grandfather Leo Fuchs in 1984. Leo began breeding Limousins in 1971 and Gary in 1978.
Owners of the 500,000th animal are Erling and Linda Olsen of Dupree, South Dakota
  • 1985
    • The National Limousin Sale at NWSS sets new average record for this particular sale at $11,615 
    • Bob Yackley elected NALF President
    • Renee Rupe crowned Limousin Queen
    • Arne Hanson selected as National Western Herdsman of the Year
    • All-American Limousin Futurity is established by Ken Holloway, Mark Smith, and Bruce Brooks 
      • A total of 170 head; 136 females and 34 bulls; from 16 states competed at the first All-American Limousin Futurity
    • The famed “Triple Crown” award is established. To win this award an animal must win the All-American, American Royal and National Western in that order. Currently the Triple Crown consists of All-American, NAILE, and National Western.
    • NALF reached half million mark in number of animals recorded since the breed herd book was established in the U.S. in 1969
  • 1986
    • Spitz Navajo, owned by Spitz Limousin, is first bull to be named a Triple Crown winner
    • Spitz Special Effort, owned by Spitz Limousin, is first female to be named a Triple Crown winner
    • Tim Linthicum named National Western Herdsman of the Year
    • Shannon Sewell named Limousin Queen
    • Gene Raymond elected NALF President
    • First Western Regional Junior Show held in California
Triple Crown Winners, Spitz Navajo and Spitz Special Effort, pictured with Triple Crown creator Ken Holloway
  • 1987
    • Illinois forms State Junior Association
    • Leonard Wulf elected NALF President
    • Wendell Geeslin named National Western Herdsman of the Year
    • Cinde Schuppe crowned Limousin Queen
1988 Queen Julie Halverson, right
  • 1988
    • Medal of Excellence Show Point System established
    • Julie Halverson crowned Limousin Queen
    • Borge Bak named National Western Herdsman of the Year
  • 1989
    • Bruce Waddle elected NALF President
    • Janae Walker crowned Limousin Queen
    • Clendon Bailey named National Western Herdsman of the Year
    • All-American Limousin Futurity experienced record numbers for their 5th show at 203 head exhibited
      • WLCC Dollar Bill became the first black bull to win Grand Champion Bull at the All-American
Stewman Ranches of Maryneal, TX exhibited the Grand Champion Bull at All-American Limousin Futurity with WLCC Dollar Bill, a 3/18/87 Atlantic son out of Black Hanni

A Look Back at Limousin

The 1970’s….

1971 Queen Gloria Jennings
  • 1970
    • Bob Purdy serves as NALF President
    • NALF membership increased to 85 Founder Members and 25 Active Members
  • 1971
    • Oklahoma forms State Limousin Association
    • Texas forms State Limousin Association
    • South Dakota forms State Limousin Association
    • Washington forms State Limousin Association
    • Nebraska forms State Limousin Association
    • Montana forms State Limousin Association
    • Southeastern states (Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina) form Limousin Association
    • ┬áMissouri forms State Limousin Association
    • John Moore, Pennsylvania, elected NALF President
    • Gloria Jennings served as the 1971 Limousin Queen
    • First National Limousin Sale held at National Western Stock Show
  • 1972
    • Darrel Menning, Corsica, South Dakota became NALF’s 1000th member
    • Wyona Warren selected as 1972 Limousin Queen
    • South Dakota forms Junior State Association
    • Burwell Bates, Oklahoma elected NALF President
Kathy O’Brien 1974 Queen
  • 1973
    • Arkansas forms State Limousin Association
    • Texas forms Junior State Association
    • International Limousin Council formed
    • Ronnie Murray, Oklahoma elected NALF President
    • Cindy Calavan, Oklahoma crowned 1973 Limousin Queen
  • 1974
    • .Inaugural “World Limousin Futurity” held
    • Kansas forms State Limousin Association
    • Southern California forms Junior State Association
    • Kentucky forms State Limousin Association
    • Kathy O’Brien, Missouri crowned 1974 Limousin Queen
    • Ladies Auxiliary formed- name changed to Limouselles in 1975
  • 1975
    • Tennessee forms State Limousin Association
    • Northwest Limousin Association formed covering Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
    • Georgia forms State Limousin Association
    • Wyoming forms Junior State Association
    • Intermountain Limousin Association reforms as Colorado Limousin Association
    • Liz Crewson crowned Limousin Queen
    • Illinois forms State Limousin Association
    • Floyd McGown named NALF President
  • 1976
    • South Dakota has largest number of Limousin cattle totaling 24,043 head
    • Oklahoma has most NALF members at 1,229 members
    • Carlton Noyes, Nebraska elected NALF President
    • Mary Svobooda named NALF Queen
    • First National Junior Heifer Show held
  • 1977
    • Theresa Scott crowned Limousin Queen
    • 100 bulls were exhibited by 23 Pen & Carload exhibitors form 4 different states at NWSS
  • 1978
    • George forms Junior State Association
    • First Limouselle Scholarship awarded to DeAnna Jones, Oklahoma
    • Lori Pihl crowned Limousin Queen
    • William Dameron selected as NALF President
    • 5,727 total head was sold in Limousin Sales throughout 1978
  • 1979
    • First Limousin Breeders Symposium held in Stillwater, Oklahoma
    • First American Royal National Limousin Show was held with 130 head exhibited from 9 states
Budrick Farms of Mannsville, Oklahoma walked off with grand champion bull honors with their fullblood son of Espoir de Carnaval, Innovator. This concluded a very successful show season for the well-balanced bull in which he was undefeated.

A Look Back at Limousin

The Beginnings…

  • May 6, 1968
    • A preliminary meeting was held to discuss the feasibility of the Foundation plan- The first 5 Founding Members came from this meeting
      • Founder Member 1: Bob Purdy, Wyoming
      • Founder Member 2: Charlie Moore, Iowa
      • Founder Member 3: Bruce Waddle, Colorado
      • Founder Member 4: Sherm Ewing, Canada
      • Founder Member 5: James Scott, Colorado (only one who had seen a Limousin before becoming a member)
    • Willis Carpenter had prepared incorporation papers for the North American Limousin Foundation
    • Ten people were at this meeting

Bob Purdy, Buffalo, Wyoming cattleman, businessman, served as president of the North American Limousin Foundation for the first three years.

June 21, 1968

  • First official organization meeting was held with 20 people in attendance
  • The first Board of Directors was selected:
    • President: Robert Purdy, Wyoming
    • Vice-President: Sherman Ewing, Aberta, Canada
    • Secretary-Treasurer: W.W. Smutz Jr, Colorado
    • Executive Vice-President: Richard Goff, Colorado
    • Directors: Stephen Garst, Iowa; Charles Moore, Iowa; H.A. McCoy, Oklahoma; Bruce Waddle, Colorado; Dr. James Scott, Colorado

Sherman Ewing, Claresholm, Alberta, Canada was NALF Founding Member #4. As chairmen of the Technical Committee he was responsible for the early directories on performance requirements for the breed in the United States. He was the first NALF Vice-President.

  • July 24, 1969
    • The First Annual Meeting of the North American Limousin Foundation was held at the Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, Colorado
    • At this point the foundation had 80 Founding Members, 13 Active Members, and 9 Junior Members

H.A. McCoy, Miami, Oklahoma was Founder Member #11 and shared #12 with Ben and Ruth Price, Reading, Kansas.

Steve and Mary Garst, Coon Rapids, Iowa. Steve was Founder Member #7. Garst Farms was Founder Member #13.